Hoping for the best; expecting the worst

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Sophya. More commonly known as Sophie.

August 1993 - Present day

Thinker of thoughts; writer of words. Appreciator of musical theatre, Romantic poetry, nineteenth century things and historical things in general. Other things you might find frequently popping up here are 'The Great Gatsby', Gregory Maguire's 'Wicked', Doctor Who, and a proliferation of irrelevant writing rambles.

Ask me about Les Miserables, John Keats or Percy Bysshe Shelley and I will talk your ear off. (They deserve specific mentions for the sheer amount of space they take up in my brain). So, you have been warned.

Chronic sufferer of Fictional Outrage. Also I have a bizarre love-hate relationship with Daisy Buchanan, in that I really dislike everything she stands for, but I'm also slightly obsessed with her. Oops.

I write fic, mostly for Les Miserables; most of it a melting-pot of angst and such. I also write original stuff, but I don't post much of that online.

"And my Lucy lies in ashes…"

"And my Lucy lies in ashes…"

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